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Almost all of us can relate, we have all either loved or been loved. However, for the majority of us, this ‘love’ thing can be quite a hassle.

It is full of challenges and difficulties. How can you differentiate between a true friend and a ‘fake’ friend.

There are no absolutes or certainties in life! Right??
A guidebook for love hasn’t been published… well kind of… but what can you do..

Therefore, love has always been a mystery to us.
So what now? Is there some sort of guide or map that can help us?

I say yes! Let’s have a look:



The Tarot cards representing Love


Through this article, I wish to share with you a way that has helped me navigate the infamous ‘sea of love’.

As a destination, Tarot led me to the harbour of romance and love. To the point where I felt ‘at home’.
You wanna know how Tarot served as a lighthouse in the storm for me?

Well, first we gotta go over the topics of Tarot and love.



So what is in the cards about your Love life?

What are Tarot love Cards?

Love tarot is an ancient practice that has helped guide humans in their quest for love and relationships for centuries.

Love Tarot consists of 78 symbolic cards that reflect events in your life. It also provides insights into your love life.

With Love Tarot cards, you are able to get in touch with your inner feelings, as well as those of your partner or true love to make them fall for you.
Keep reading to find out how you can use Love Tarot readings to end your search for true love.


Tarot can help you search for True Love. (SERIOUSLY!)

Before we go into how to find true love, remember that Tarot readings won’t provide you with names, a day or a time where you will meet your soulmate.

It’s not that easy, I’m afraid.

Although effective as a predictive tool, Tarot cards serve a more intuitive purpose. It works with your intuition and helps find the person that is destined for you.
The prediction of love can help bring you out of chaos and provide clarity on your struggles in love and relationships.

Let’s look more closely at how Love Tarot can help you.


Ramalan asmara

The Tarot of Lovers

Tarot reveals your inner feelings.

The first step in finding true love is finding yourself.

What do you want? What is it you expect from a partner? What is the ideal relationship for you?
All of the answers you seek are within yourself. Therefore you must dig deep to find these answers.

Here is where Love Tarot can help connect you with your intuition to explore your inner feelings.


Tarot reveals the intentions of your partner.

In this day and age, finding someone with genuine intentions is difficult. We often fall for the wrong person and eventually feel bitter about it. Sucks right?

The True Love Spread helps in understanding your partner’s feelings and can save you from the web of lies or a broken heart. Through this, you can get a better insight into your partner and yourself.

Anything else?


Pembaca Tarot Cinta

Love reading with Tarot

Tarot Reveals the Invisible Hurdles in the Search for Love.

Maybe your true love was sitting in front you the whole time and you never saw them as ‘the one’. Admit it, we all have a certain ‘type’ and as a result, wouldn’t even consider someone that isn’t. Right?

This occurs when we have a mental block or some sort of internal emotional chain.
Here is where Tarot cards can truly help us in revealing these barriers.

Whether it be a lost ‘spark’ between you, a broken heart or low self-esteem Tarot cards provides guidance. It is very possible that you will, as a result, incite necessary change in your life.

To eventually find true love.


ramalan cinta lewat kartu tarot

Finding your partner through the help of Tarot

Tarot will reveal your strengths and weaknesses.

Often enough we don’t know the extent of our own self-worth. This ‘worth’ is what will spark interest in your partner.

A tarot reading can reveal those qualities and show you how to use them to woo your loved one.
Tarot shows your true personality, and with this you can choose what is appropriate for you.

Love Tarot is the key to finding your true self and to highlight your positive nature.

You must have an inner desire to be better. You must try each and every day to expand your positive nature.
This effort can be supported by routine Love Tarot Readings. I can guarantee that it will help in evaluating the predictions better.


Tarot dan kebahagian cinta

The warmth of true love

What is right and what is wrong? Tarot will reveal it to you.

The wrong relationship can leave you broken, and with it destroys your willingness and possibility of finding real love again… So sad…
So make sure you are attentive of who you engage in relations with. Careful, don’t fall in love with something that seems attractive at first, but in reality, is a trap.

If you are confused or at a crossroads when it comes to love, don’t hesitate to seek help.
You can find help in love through Tarot anytime you want.
You will gain some clear insights into your problems.

You will get some insights on how to date better and how to maintain relationships… or if it is better to break up or divorce. When it becomes more negative than positive.

Tarot can also guide you to find something better for yourself, something more meaningful.



Me in pursuit of happiness…

Forecasting Love – a true story…

And that is what happened to me. Let me tell you a story:

I have been through a heartbreak, due to maintaining a relationship with the wrong person. I felt lost, I wasn’t whole anymore, I felt worthless.
Basically, I was not happy. It got to the point that I nearly gave up.

It even crossed my mind that I may be destined to live and die alone.

A bitter thought…


Kesedihan cinta



I became depressed and as a result, I started to display toxic behaviour. It impacted those around me, those I loved – especially my children.

So one day I accepted the offer to have my fortune read by a Tarot reader. I thought: No harm can come from this…

What was revealed to me during this reading was not only interesting but scarily accurate. I met the person that was shown to me during my reading not so long after.

In detail, the reader revealed to me the characteristics of the person I was to have my next relationship with.
The reader went so far as to describe in almost perfect detail how this person would look, in what circumstance we shall meet, the fact that there will be a significant age difference and the hobbies and interests of that person…

The prediction was so specific that I became anxious and began feeling sceptical.
Because I truly did not expect that what was said would come true.

So I took the results of the Tarot Reading with a grain of salt.

What happened afterwards, it really freaked me out !



Meeting your true love (through Tarot cards) – Bullshit?

So how does my personal story continue?

Three months pass. I even forgot the fact that I had a Tarot reading, until one day. As I was embarking on a ‘spiritual journey’, I met someone.

At first, I thought nothing of it. I just met a new person, no biggy. It was only after the third meeting that everything that the Tarot reader had revealed came crashing back into the forefront of my mind.

Oh My God !!
EVERYTHING he said was true! EVERYTHING!
The colour of the hair, the eyes, the way in which they walk, their mannerisms…. SPOOKY I TELL YA!

Soooooo…. There ya go. I found my true love.
Happy ending right? You make up your own mind! ;)😁😁😁

Mendapatkan cinta dengan Tarot

I found true LOVE


Point is, it worked for me… and it can also work for you!!

True love lies in your own heart. Only you can figure out where your true love lies and how to find it.
But guidance is often necessary.

And that is where Love Tarot comes in and will assist in ‘purifying’ your mind to achieve clarity.
There is no need to overthinking and becoming anxious. My advice would be to find an established and reliable Tarot reader.

As I said, it worked for me, and it can work for you! If you are sceptical, there’s no harm in trying…

A reader that will provide a deeper Tarot reading can contribute to clarity through Daily Love Tarot readings and a 3-love-spread reading to assist in predicting one’s love life.

It is important to remember, however, that not all Tarot readers will resonate with you.
Therefore it is important to find a reader that is suitable for you and your needs.

One more thing. If what is revealed to you during the reading is different to the reality, don’t force it to fit the description!


Kehangatan cinta

This warm fuzzy feeling


Now, I implore you to finish your search for true love by having the right guide.
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As usual, I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and to have a discussion with you.

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